Desiccant Dehumidification

Bry-Air is a global solution provider for complete environmental control with specialization in humidity control, dehumidification, drying, storage and preservation supported by state-of-the-art facilities, worldwide operations and customers in almost every industry.  Dehumidifiers can maintain relative humidity (RH) as low as 1% regardless of ambient conditions.

Bry-Air designs and manufactures a wide range of industrial dehumidifiers standard as well as engineered packaged for moisture control for applications like pharmaceuticals, food processing, seed drying, leather, cold stores, electrodes etc.
 Energy Recovery
Desiccant Rotors International (DRI) is a global provider of components, products and systems for Energy Recovery, Indoor Air Quality, Fresh Air Treatment, and Green Buildings.
EcoFresh Energy Recovery System help to meet IAQ Standards and Save Energy in
» Healthcare ..Hospital, Nursing Homes, Operation Theatres, Nurseries, Burn Wards..
» Commercial Areas ..Supermarkets, Departmental Stores, Office Buildings, Conference Facility…
» Educational & Recreational Areas ..Schools, Auditoriums, Bowling Alleys..
» All other Conditional Spaces….
EcoFresh energy recovery systems are engineered to provide for all season ventilation, providing acceptable IAQ year-round, normally without the expense of additional HVAC direct expansion capacity and with minimal extra energy costs.
 Gas Phase Filtration

Bry-Air is a solution provider for gas phase filtration for DCS, server rooms, data centers, animal research labs etc.
It’s simple yet unique process not only cleans the contaminated air of suspended particles and corrosive gases but also removes odor, making the working environment healthy for you and your electronic equipment.
Bry-Air has set a new benchmark in gas phase filtration through its innovative honeycomb matrix technology.
This breakthrough in gas filtration is particularly relevant for Data Centers, Server Rooms and DCS rooms which are located near to High density traffic Zones, Sewerages and Drains, Landfill Sites and Process Industries emanating such gases.

This proprietary technology not only reduces the size of chemical filtration equipment but also increases efficiency, life and decrease in energy usage. This patent pending technology has been developed by Bry-Air’s R&D group. This is one of the five patents filed by the group in the last 2 years in field of Air Treatment and moisture measurement technology.
 Evaporative Cooling
Desiccant Rotors International (DRI) is a global provider for evaporative cooling pads. Eco-Cool Evaporative Cooling Pads from DRI uses the simple principle of evaporative cooling i.e. passing fresh air through the wet surface to bring temperatures down.
 Compressed Air Drying
Delair offers complete Compressed Air Treatment Systems:
» Refrigeration Type - Operates on the method of cooling the air to near freezing point to remove the moisture
» Adsorption Type - The dryer is based on the principle of heatless regeneration and the physical properties of the desiccant to adsorb and desorb the water vapour
» Air Receivers
» Moisture Separators
» After Coolers - Water Cooled
» After Cooler - Air Cooled
» Air Filters
» Auto Drain Valves
 Rental Services
Technical Drying Services (Asia) Pvt. Ltd. provides rental services to fulfill humidity/moisture & temperature control needs by providing a customized package of dehumidifiers, condensing unit’s blowers and accessories like panels, cables, reducers etc. TDS engineers assist customers in application, system selection and project execution
 Plastic Processing

Bry-Air Systems, a division of Bry-Air (Asia), is a single source provider for Drying, Conveying, Blending, Heating and Cooling and Mould Dehumidification of plastics resins.

Bry-Air products are used mainly in the injection moulding, blow moulding and extrusion segments of the plastics industry. Bry-Air's experience in the industry is jobbing proven, supported by years of accumulated experience, worldwide. Everything Bry-Air makes, makes Plastics handling easier, and has a positive impact on your company's savings and thus, profitability.
 Product Drying

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers speed up product drying by continuously removing the moisture from the surrounding air by a process of physical adsorption, thus is making it possible to dry temperature sensitive products at low temperatures without the risk of product spoilage.

Bry-Air Dehumidifiers have been successfully employed in drying of cocoa, gelatine, dehydrated soft drink concentrates, instant coffee powder, yeast, sugar, flour, starch, onions, vegetable seeds, cardamom, katha, leather, wood, chemicals, engineering plastics, polyester, drugs and others pharmaceutical products.
 Food Processing

FOODPRO India, a div. of Bry-Air (Asia) is the country’s first professional single source comprehensive consultancy service provider for Food Processing.

FOODPRO India’s span of consulting in farm to fork covers
» Post harvesting to “gate in” of processing facility
» ProcessingGate in” to “Gate out
» Gate out” to Retail, including warehousing, distribution and cold chain
Dehumidifiers for Food Processing
Bry-Air Dehumidifiers provide processing environment to specified humidity levels within a wide range of temperature for the food industry typically, Bry-Air Dehumidifiers can maintain dewpoints of plus or minus and temperature within plus or minus 1 degree.
 HVAC Components
DRI provides special components for ventilation systems using cutting edge honeycombing and corrugation technologies for
» energy recovery
» indirect evaporative cooling
» desiccant cooling
» desiccant drying and
» active & passive dehumidification
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Bry-Air, a Pahwa group company, is a global solution provider for complete environmental control with a specialization in humidity control, dehumidification, drying, storage, preservation, gas phase filtration and plastics auxiliaries supported by state-of-the-art facilities, worldwide operations and customers in almost every industry ....


Technical Drying Services (TDS) a Pahwa Enterprise provides rental solutions for short term humidity related problems. TDS provides all the required equipments to maintain the desired conditions along with technical manpower. The organization is geared for quick response & has substantial capacity to meet any moisture and water damage related problem.


Delair India, a Pahwa Enterprise, is a technology leader in compressed air drying, ISO 9001:2008 certified. Delair is a associate group company of Bry-Air Asia and is of approved list of all leading consultants. Delair's range of products are energy efficient and Eco Friendly.


Desiccant Rotors International . . . DRI, an ISO certified company is a global provider of components, products and systems for energy recovery, IAQ, fresh air treatment, evaporative cooling, humidification, RH control and green buildings.


Based in Baroda, Puriflair India, formerly a SPX-USA company, manufactures and markets compressed air dryers and accessories. SPX Air Treatment, headquartered in Occala, Florida, is owned by SPX Corporation, a Fortune® 500 global leader in Technical Products and Systems, Industrial Products and Services, Flow Technology and Service Solutions.


Accentium Web Pvt Ltd is a young and dynamic Internet company in India with a competent business and technical and a vision to be one of the leading players in the Consumer Internet space in India.


Bry-Air PROKON has developed a unique range of products for industrial applications,focused on the measurement of moisture content in a wide-range of bulk materials: organic and synthetic.


FoodPro India is a first such professional consultancy service which will fulfill the longstanding need for acquiring know-how and techniques for a well-organized system of collecting, handling, forwarding and processing of fruits & vegetables..